Small Pets Holiday Home


Welcome to Small Pets Holiday Home. Where you will find a warm caring home for all your small pets holiday needs.

Here at Small Pets Holiday Home we believe that your pet deserves a holiday too that`s why we constantly strive to ensure that your pets are extremely well looked after by our family run business.

Small Pets Holiday Home has been established since 1995 that gives us over twenty years experience of making sure that your precious pets do not go short of care and attention whilst you enjoy your holiday or whatever your busy schedule may have you doing.

Over the years our family run business has also looked after a number of exotic and unusual pets like a crow, a barn owl, African land snails & stick insects.

Here are just some of our regular visitors.







As we have said we have over twenty years experience in looking after a large variety of pets, both of our own and customers pets, so we do enjoy handling and playing with all your pets, as long as they are willing!

We can also groom your pets whenever needed.


We try to give home from home accommodation for all your pets, we have purpose built heated sheds for indoor rabbits and guinea pigs, large hutches and runs for outdoor pets, all birds and small rodents are kept indoors, in our purpose designed pet rooms, in there own cages or we can provide cages.

We have fully equipped vivarium's for all types of reptiles, Tortoises are also kept in specially built heated in door pens or outdoor pens weather permitting.

All cleaned out on a daily basis.

We also have 24 Hour CCTV security, so your pets are always kept safe.


Small Pets Holiday Home supplies a large range off well known pet foods, or you can bring your own food if preferred, We also offer a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, all bought from are local farm shop.

We try to keep your pets diet as close as it would be at home.


We have a wide knowledge of animal health care/nursing and are experienced in given most medicines by syringe or as directed, we have a very good relationship with are local vets ( Cheshire Pet ) which are always on hand for advice or a consultation . We have been using Cheshire pets for many years for both are pets and customers pets, they are situated just down the road from Small Pets Holiday Home, so any ill pets can be taken there in minutes.

We always aim to keep a very clean and healthy environment through out all accommodation, all hutches/cages are fully disinfected after every visit.

So what animals do we look after ?

Well we mainly look after RABBITS, GUINEA PIGS and BIRDS, But we also look after many others like...



There are however a few animals we unfortunately can not accept these are... DOGS, CATS & SPIDERS !

(Please phone or email for all prices)

Here are our contact details for any of your questions. 

Small Pets Holiday Home 

17 Belle Vue Terrace, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 4NR

Tel: 01270 760675     Mobile: 07871 392 696    

Email[email protected] 

Opening Times: 8 AM - 8 PM Everyday